Week 4: Teaching and learning with digital technologies

Learning theory and classroom technologies


How does this theory/pedagogical view help you understand the place of technology in education?

In regards to Starkey’s (2012) idea of consructivism: Is this not just a result of combining constructivism with collaborative learning in the digital age? I see it as higher level constructivism, rather than a distinct category. How does is change pedagogy beyond advanced constructivism, seeing as constructivism promotes student-centred, collaborative learning experiences.

I do like Dr Siemens’ Tedx talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BH-uLO6ovI

Post your informed and critical opinion about the use of IWBs in the classroom. If you are an experienced user, you might like to give some advice and recommendations about using them.

Really need to make sure you adapt pedagogy to fit with the technology.

Bring your own device

Find some other resources that help you develop an understanding of the benefits and challenges of BYOD programs. Post any that you find particularly interesting in your blog.

Bruder, P. (2014). Gadgets go to school: The benefits and risks of BYOD (bring your own device). The Education Digest, 80(3), 15.

QR Codes

They don’t really seem to have caught-on that much. From my experience, I haven’t seen students use them, so they do seem to be a bit of a fad. However, if students like them, and they increase engagement, whilst meeting learning outcomes, then go for it!

Starkey, L. (2012). Knowledge and connectivism. In Teaching and learning in the digital age (pp. 20-28). New York, NY: Routledge


2 thoughts on “Week 4: Teaching and learning with digital technologies

  1. In regards to QR codes, after watching how interactive they can make the classroom, i think even though at the present they may be a bit of a fad, i think they are something that still hasn’t been used to its full potential. In my blog i made a QR code and i think the technology can be easily created and made useful in many classrooms to give lessons a little more interaction and collaboration. So i agree at present i think they are probably a fad, but i only feel this is because their true purpose hasn’t been used to its full potential.
    Cheers Annika


  2. Hi Jono.

    I’m interested in your comments about QR codes being a fad. I know that I learned a lot about them and their uses when writing my blog and feel that if others learned about them too then they could become more than that, and be used more often in classes. I think the reason that they aren’t used much is that people are unaware of what they are and are confused by them but some simple research could see them used more when people realise their effectiveness.


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